Men: Orgasmic Opportunists – Yes or No?

This is something that I have always wondered about – are men Orgasmic Opportunists – even when in a “committed” relationship?

Definition: Taking every opportunity to get to their next orgasm

Is it true that men really do not think with the head on their shoulders?

It is not that women do not cheat. I think women cheat for very different reasons than men (maybe covered in a future post).

But this post is about:


I am in a committed relationship and this post does not have anything to do with my relationship but it is something that I have thought about for as long as I can remember.

Do men have the ability to be completely and 100% faithful – meaning no sex with anyone outside of their relationship/marriage?

I really would like to hear from the men that read my blog on this topic as women have their own opinions that I have heard all of my life. But I have never really asked the men that I know to answer these questions:

Is sex (or having and orgasm) the most important thing that motivates men?

Can men truly be faithful in a “committed” relationship?

Is faithfulness determined by who you are in a relationship with?

Does the orgasmic opportunist change with age?

What are the things required in a relationship for you to be totally faithful?

Now for my opinion:

I think men can be 100% committed and faithful, if they want to,  but I believe it takes the right relationship, at the right age for them to understand the what they are looking for. I believe that men need to be loved and catered to as much as women. I think they too want compliments so that they too feel sexy and desirable. I believe in saying “thank you”- even for the little things. I believe that you cannot know what you want if you have not been through some things in life and some of that comes with age.

But I do believe that there are some men that just desire sex and not a relationship. Those men should just be who they are and not even try to commit to another person because we all know it will end badly.  Keep having un-committed sex and be happy.

The bottom line (in my opinion): Happiness and contentment = faithfulness for men and women!

Let me know what you think…..



It’s the Little Things: his touch, my son’s smile, a warm blanket straight out of the dryer on a cold day. I am such a simple person and I wish we lived in a simple world.

I believe this world that we live in is too complicated. If everyone would treat people the way that they want to be treated, perform random acts of kindness on a regular basis, and simply minded their own business, I think this would be world where I would be proud to raise my son.

I cannot figure out how life got so complicated, one day I was in the backyard of my parent’s house acting out Charlie’s Angels with my sisters or trying to train crickets how to swim and now I have to worry about not only working but making enough money to raise my son, teaching my son right from wrong and obeying laws that some people within the “justice system” may not even follow.

Why can’t it just be simple.  Be nice, be happy and live a long, wonderful life.

It’s the Little Things: the way he holds me when we sleep, the sound of my son’s laugh, walking down the boardwalk of a beach.

 Life is so complicated. Why do we care so much about the color of skin instead of the fact that we are all human? Why do we care so much about interracial relationships and not the fact that people are in a healthy relationship? Why do we care that different races want to adopt children instead of applauding the fact that people want to give children a safe and happy home?

I want life to be simplified for my son to grow up in a world with no stereotypes, no hypocrites &  no judgment.

It’s the Little Things: When I can hear my son singing in the shower, the way he makes me laugh, a quiet Sunday afternoon.

If everyone took time to appreciate the little things they would not have the time to create such a complicated world.

I challenge you to take 1 week to appreciate all of the Little Things that matter in your life and write them down. You may be surprised at how many truly little, simple things happen in our busy daily lives.

Please share with me some of your “Little Things”. I would love to hear from you.