Meet Nitro, the furriest member of my family

I was one to always say “I don’t want a dog!”

I like dogs ok, but I am already a mom and was not interested in having an animal to feed, take to vet, walk outside in any kind of weather and to be responsible for if I needed to go out of town. We had always had dogs when I was growing up but playing with a dog as a child and being totally responsible for one as an an adult are two very different things!

Fast forward to this past year –  I remembered that I always wanted a Yorkie. So cute, not that big and well mannered. I made up my mind that I was going to try to find a Yorkie for a reasonable fee. When I get my mind set on something – it is pretty much a done deal – so the search began! I looked high and low for a Yorkie using all of the dog search websites, local electronic newspapers and Craigslist. Let me just say that there are some crazy people when you deal with online adventures. I had one lady promise to hold a Yorkie for me during a snow storm, as I could not get out of my neighborhood, but she sold it that day anyway and did not want to tell me that – but I found out on my own.

It took a few months but then I came across a 2 month old Yorkie being sold on Craigslist and not too far from where I live. I communicated with the seller and at first I thought she was another crazy online seller but she turned out to be great!

We met with her at her home to check out the Yorkie and fell completely in love with the puppy at first sight- he was so cute (and still is!). He was in the woman’s home with his mom and he was well taken care of and loved. We inspected him physically after playing with him and decided to take him home. On the way home we named him Nitro.

Nitro close up
The day we bought Nitro home

When we bought him home on March he weighed 3 lbs. He is now 8 lbs we still love him to death! Yes, we have to walk him in any kind of weather, feed him (I cook for him), take him to MANY vet visits (more than my son had when we was a newborn!) and we have not gone on  a trip since we have had him, but I am sure one will be coming up soon – do we take him or get someone to sit him? I guess it depends on the trip.

He brings us so much joy and unconditional love that we don’t care about the responsibility. He is definitely worth it.

First Vet visit
First Vet visit
Little Face
Little Face







I have come to learn that Nitro is most likely a Yorkiepoo (Yorkie mixed with Poodle) and that is fine with me as I did not want his ears to stand up like a full Yorkie – I am in love with his floppy ears and hope they never do stand up!

He loves being outside
He loves being outside


Another picture…really???
Giving me the side-eye while trying to take a nap
Giving me the side-eye while trying to take a nap
Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch
My tele-work days – he is never too far away!

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